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Trump builds ‘turnkey’ campaign operation for 2024

The former president is signaling a heightened interest in a rematch with Joe Biden — and laying the necessary groundwork.

State GOP leaders push new 2020 election reviews as Arizona report looms

Republican legislative leaders in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are putting new weight behind Trump's push to investigate and discredit 2020 results.


Washington and the World

Opinion | Al-Qaeda Is Thrilled That the Taliban Control Afghanistan – But Not For the Reason You Think

Twenty years after 9/11, the jihadist landscape has gotten a lot murkier.

Opinion by Colin P. Clarke

White House

Abortion fight adds to Biden's growing policy backlog

Biden needs Congress to protect abortion rights, just as he needs their help with much of his domestic agenda.

Sept. 8, 2021

A genocide recognized

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Why We Can’t Turn the Corner on Covid

After a hot vax summer that wasn’t, it’s clearer than ever that there will be no easy end to the pandemic.

By Joanne Kenen

Church and State

‘A Private Matter’: Joe Biden’s Very Public Clash With His Own Church

Becoming president has brought Biden into direct conflict with conservative Catholics on the most polarizing issue of the moment: Abortion.

By Ruby Cramer

Culture Club

In the FX Series on the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, It’s Not Just the President Who’s Guilty

In the series, everyone plays a role in harassment and abuse — the president and his secretary alike. And is it harassment?

By Joanna Weiss

History Dept.

How a Long Island Man Became the ‘Forrest Gump of Jihad’ — and Then Flipped

What Bryant Neal Vi?as can teach us about the lessons from Afghanistan the U.S. still hasn’t learned.

By Carla Power

On the Bench

What the Texas Law Really Means for Abortion in America

The Supreme Court case this week wasn’t about Roe or Casey. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it.

By Sarah Isgur

primary source

I Know Firsthand How Ugly a Wartime Evacuation Really Is

The criticism of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal ignores the reality on the ground.

By Elizabeth Shackelford

Primary Source

Opinion | What I Wish the U.S. Had Done About Putin Years Ago – And What Biden Should Do Now

Opinion by David J. Kramer

the friday cover

How Progressives Are Knocking Out Local Judges Across the Country

Progressive activists are challenging “tough on crime” judges in a place they have long avoided: the voting booth.

By Ian Ward


Opinion | Don’t Be So Sure a Supreme Court Backlash Will Boost Democrats

Most Americans support abortion rights. But an attack on Roe v. Wade may not bring a surge of voters to the polls.

Opinion by Jeff Greenfield


Opinion | The Dangerous Legal Illusion of ‘Parental Rights’

The law is clear: Parents are not free to put their children in harm’s way.

Opinion by Kyle B. Brothers, Ellen Wright Clayton and Mark A. Rothstein

History Dept.

Opinion | How Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassination Derailed American Politics

The idealistic presidential candidate was on the verge of seizing control of the 1968 race just as Sirhan Sirhan’s bullet struck.

Opinion by Larry Tye

Biden mulls ‘lite’ version of Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

The Biden administration is trying to remain true to the president’s campaign promises on immigration while abiding by a federal court order.

For European Union, Afghanistan is now a 4-letter word

The debacle has exposed severe European failings on multiple fronts — but no agreement on how to fix them.

Jan. 6 committee leaders call McCarthy’s Trump comments ‘baseless'

The committee chair and vice chair called out McCarthy’s “misinformation campaign” in a joint statement.


Everything you need to know about the California recall

Republicans are hoping to rekindle the spirit of 2003 to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Biden admin delays booster rollout for some Covid vaccines

The booster plan has caused turmoil within FDA and among public health experts.

Arizona man who wore horns in riot pleads guilty to felony

The man who called himself “QAnon Shaman” has been jailed for nearly eight months since his arrest.

By Associated Press

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